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Technologies in businessFor over 19 years, First Choice Realtors has helped owners in Plano and surrounding communities get maximum value for their properties. We’ve served the Texas real estate market since before the turn of the millennium, and we’re still going strong. As proud members of our local Realtor association, we have access to a wealth of market information that lets us list properties with confidence. But we’re not just businesspeople; we give back to our community to show appreciation for how much we were able to grow.

Technology and Resources to Serve Your Needs

We’ve meticulously designed our office as the ultimate data center, complete with the latest computers and networking devices. This lets us list properties online, run detailed background and credit checks, and conduct research in a flash. Need to look something up? Stop by our office and we’ll help you out.

First Choice Realtors Provides:

  • Targeted expertise rooted in years of real estate experience
  • Fast problem resolution including on-call maintenance and repairs
  • Offline and online marketing to maximize your property’s exposure
  • Collaboration with our clients every step of the way.
  • Tailored leasing and cost evaluation designed to maximize your profit