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Tankless Water Heaters

I have had many clients over the years ask which is better, tankless or tank water heaters.

Bottom line seems to be: they’re efficient but not necessarily economical.

“Gas tankless water heaters, which use high-powered burners to quickly heat water as it runs through a heat exchanger, were 22 percent more energy efficient on average than the gas-fired storage-tank models in our tests. That translates into a savings of around $70 to $80 per year, based on 2008 national energy costs. But because they cost much more than storage water heaters, it can take up to 22 years to break even—longer than the 20-year life of many models. Moreover, our online poll of 1,200 readers revealed wide variations in installation costs, energy savings, and satisfaction.” (Consumer Reports Magazine)

Posted by: Lindsay Reyes on December 22, 2015
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