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Disclosures for Renters

I was recently asked if  a landlords need to provide a disclosure for renters entering into a lease agreement.

Official answer is, “No”.  The Texas Property Code does not require a landlord to fill out and provide a disclosure for renters.

However, the more information a renter has about the functionality of a property, the better.

The property owners that we manage homes for complete a form called the Owners Notice Concerning Condition of Property Under Property Management Agreement.

We have found the form useful to alert renters of the location of things such as air filters, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, etc.

The property owner also may use the form to provide alarm codes, HOA information, etc.

At time of lease agreement is the perfect time to provide the form and include for the new renters as part of their Move In packet.

Posted by: Lindsay Reyes on November 2, 2015
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